We dont do date night!

  Early in our marriage I was a firm believer in frequent date nights. I had been lead to believe that a sign of a healthy marriage was a weekly date night. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of undue stress.  It wasn’t long before I became extremely...

Three Steps to Save Mom’s Summer Sanity

 The countdown has started. My two big kids have less than three weeks until summer vacation. During the school year, my day time hours run smoothly. With just me and a toddler at home, it's easier to keep the living areas clean and stay caught up on the laundry....

Firewife Retreat and Conference Waitlist

We've been talking about it and it's time to get serious. I need to find out how many are truly interested and able to attend a retreats, so I can find the right size house to rent. Please, also sign up to the waitlist if you are interested in a firewife conference. I...

The Stepmom Coach Black Friday Deals

A month ago I did a Facebook live with my friend Claudette - The Stepmom Coach to talk about her "Becoming A More Confident Stepmom" ecourse that was included in a bundle we were both participating in. I know many of you FireWives are stepmoms and could use the...

Fitness and Choices

You have the perfect plan in place and the house is full of healthy foods. You are READY to rock this new fitness and weight loss. You get after it. Week one is hard, but you do it. Week two? The kids have practice every day this week. There are two basketball games....

It’s all about community and connection.

Knowing you aren’t the only wife out there feeling what you are feeling is priceless. A community of other firewives that get your day to day can make a world of difference.

It’s about choosing the life you want and enjoying the life you are living. Not waiting to be happy down the road, but right now.

You’re not alone in this awesome journey.

I understand how it sucks to have plans change, go alone to important family events, be alone on holidays and feel like a single mom.


Ditch the Whining

Whining about all the crap that we have no control over gets old. It ruins relationships and makes you miserable for so many reason. How about you give up on the whining and get to making changes?

How we choose to live this life is up to us. Instantly download the free “Don’t be a whiny firewife” ebook now and get tips for being happier every day.