The Club Only For FireWives!


Every day we have a million things to do and we put ourselves on the backburner.

We tell ourselves we will work on us later.

We will get with friends later.

We will sit and relax later.

It's easy to become busy and find yourself rolling through each day getting more and more overwhelmed. More and more frustrated. More and more angry. Lost in the constant daily activities.

firewife club

Join a Group of FireWives That Get YOU

Volunteer FireWife, career FireWife, Wildland FireWife, or combination of it all FireWife, we all share a similar bond of loving a firefighter that cares about taking care of our community and our world.

We get so busy taking care of everyone that we forget or we purposely decide not to work on ourselves.

Some of us crave a more intimate environment to talk about our daily lives and struggles. A group where we know the names of each of the wives and a bit about their family. A group where someone will remember you had a big deadline or interview coming up and pokes you a little bit to hear how it went or how preparing for it is going.

The FireWife Club will be an evolving group dedicated to helping you be your most awesomest you.

A private Facebook group for coaching and mentoring where you can talk to others in similar situations and get instant feedback from other wives that are excited to see you grow. Like minded wives that are also working on getting through their day to day while also working on their personal growth and happiness.

It's time to put you FIRST!

firewife working through the when's

Here's where we start:

  • July challenge "Working Through The When's".
  • New challenge starts the 1st Monday of every month.
  • Private Facebook group for members only to chat about the challenge, homelife, anything you want.
  • Group coaching and mentoring in private group setting.

You know you want to be a part of a group that focuses on being a kickass FireWife. Being the best YOU makes the rest of the house follow your lead. It helps you attract more awesome people and push off the negative.

Ready to join us?

$18 a month

Now the Club is just the beginning

All of that above is just in the FireWife Club. But, being a busy FireWife is about the whole picture. Because of that I've given Club members access to:

If you are not healthy, it's really hard to be happy. The Club is all about us working on finding our happy place. That place where we wake up and it's rainbows and unicorns.

Totally kidding. lol

Anyway, if you aren't taking care of yourself physically it's really difficult to get happy emotionally. The wellness group isn't about being a skinny minny, it's about eating right, exercising and taking down time. The complete package that we are all supposed to be doing. Each month we run a challenge and there is daily accountability to get your ass moving. We talk about what is going on and what we need help with.

Balance is my thang. It's the core of living a life of no regrets. Balance requires the good to counter the bad, the happy to counter the stress.

We have plenty of bad and plenty of stress, so I created FireLife Gratitude as a positive only space. There are prompts every day to focus on a positive in your life. At times life gets really heavy and I run an impromptu challenge to post 5 things you are grateful for every day. For those of us paper girls, there are monthly journal pages you can print off.

You can read more about FireLife Gratitude HERE, but, don't buy from that page as it's included in the Club membership.

All these resources for only $18 a month

val selby firewife

Why do I do this?

Hi, I'm Val Selby and I've been a wife for 24 years now with 18 of those being in the FireLife.

I've raised our kids, went into the emptynest years, started over with a puppy and we're on the back end of his career now. Give me another 8ish years and I'll talk to you about retirement. We've been volunteer and we've been career. Our daughter was a wildland firefighter for 3 seasons and her boyfriend still is. 

I've been invested in the FireLife online since 2008 when I couldn't find support after an LODD in our dept. Wife Behind the Fire is what I wish I'd had as support for so many years as I did it alone. I've talked to thousands of women over the last 10 years that just need a place and some guidance.

To say I've been there, done that isn't just a sales pitch and it's definitely not to belittle anyone's experience. If I haven't gone through it, I can point you in the direction of quite a few that have. It would be wasteful for myself and others not to share the knowledge.

So all of that aside, why do I do this?

I do this because I am still a FireWife that needs the support of other wives. Many days I have my shit together. Other days I'm a hot mess, watching Netflix all day and wishing someone would go get me take-out. 

I create challenges and I also do the challenges because all of us need to keep working on ourselves.

The Club won't be for everyone. I'm honest and if you have asked for help I can be a bit bossy. I'm a coach, it's literally what I do in real life lol

But, if you are ready to live in the real world where we get shit done on a daily basis and chat while doing it, then I've got the place for you ;) 

Living with no regrets,