The Club All About You!

FireWives never fight alone.

Every day we have a million things to do and we put ourselves on the backburner.

We tell ourselves we will work on us later.

We will get with friends later.

We will sit and relax later.

It's easy to become busy and find yourself rolling through each day getting more and more overwhelmed. More and more frustrated. More and more angry. Lost in the constant daily activities.

firewife club

Join a Group of FireWives That Get YOU

Volunteer FireWife, career FireWife, Wildland FireWife, or combination of it all FireWife, we all share a similar bond of loving a firefighter that cares about taking care of our community and our world.

We get so busy taking care of everyone that we forget or we purposely decide not to work on ourselves.

Some of us crave a more intimate environment to talk about our daily lives and struggles. A group where we know the names of each of the wives and a bit about their family. A group where someone will remember you had a big deadline or interview coming up and pokes you a little bit to hear how it went or how preparing for it is going.

The FireWife Club will be an evolving group dedicated to helping you be your most awesomest you.

A private Facebook group for coaching and mentoring where you can talk to others in similar situations and get instant feedback from other wives that are excited to see you grow. Like minded wives that are also working on getting through their day to day while also working on their personal growth and happiness.

It's time to put you FIRST!

Here's where we start:

  • The BE YOU challenge is running now and ready for you to jump in.
  • New challenge starts the 1st of every month.
  • Private Facebook group for members only to chat about the challenge, homelife, .
  • Group coaching and mentoring in private group setting.

You know you want to be a part of a group that focuses on being a kickass FireWife. Being the best YOU makes the rest of the house follow your lead. It helps you attract more awesome people and push off the negative.

Ready to join us?

Only $10 a month