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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

As a wife, we know that communication is key to every marriage, but what about when there is a huge gap in how your spouse can communicate back with you? A clinical reason.

We care about our firefighter's health and understand all they see and do is taking a mental toll on them. But, what are we to do?

I've brought together experts on PTSD to get the difficult discussions going. For two nights we will be able to listen and ask questions as they speak on topics to help us understand a diagnosis and aid in prevention. Some of the discussions that will happen:

  • Things our firefighters aren't telling us about the job FROM a firefighter's perspective.
  • How their PTSD diagnosis affects you.
  • Things to put in place before a possible diagnosis happens.
  • Ways to make sure you stay healthy while being a caregiver.

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Speaker Schedule

October 29th 8pm EST

Saving Those Who Save Others-Family Edition

Ret. Capt. and counselor Jeff Dill of will be taking us through a firefighter's perspective of their work that we are not privy to at home.

October 30th 8pm EST

Boundaries in the Mine Field

Therapist Barbara Crump will be sharing her experience and training on ways to practice healthy support for our Firefighter partners, while still taking care of ourselves.

October 29th 8:30pm EST

Faith Perspective in PTSD

Chaplain and Pastor Chere Jewitt and I will be discussing how to use your faith for Hope & Light with traumatic experiences.

October 30th 8:30pm EST

How to Be Your Firefighter's Safe Place

Chaplain and Life Coach Julie Bevers will be discussing prevention/resiliency and also teaching wives how to manage themselves.

Our Speakers Are FireFamily

Our speakers are more than trained professionals, they are part of the FireFamily. They saw a need and they rose to fill it with more training, degrees and the creation of a non-profit. This enables them to reach out further in their communities to help with the trauma and communication. I'm happy to have them in our fire community and thankful they want to reach out to further help.

I've talked to many that have been helped by Retired Capt. Jeff Dill and his organization. Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance was one of the first I witnessed understanding how much the spouse and family play into mental health and presenting curriculum to departments on the subject.

Chaplain Chere Jewitt, Therapist Barbara Crump, and Chaplain Julie Bevers are all FireWives in the trenches right along side us. Their training is more than what can be read in a book or taught in a class as they deal with the day to day of loving a firefighter and caring about their mental health now and beyond.

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About The Speakers

jeff dill firefighter behavioral health alliance
firefighter behavioral health alliance

Saving Those Who Save Others-Family Edition

In 2011, Jeff Dill founded Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA). This organization is a 501 (3) (C).

Jeff travels the United States & Canada holding workshops to teach firefighters & EMS about behavioral health awareness and suicide prevention. FBHA is the only known organization that collects and validates data on FF and EMT suicides across the United States. In addition, FBHA holds classes for counselors/chaplains, family members and preparing for retirement.

Jeff Dill holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Argosy University (IL), a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a retired Captain at Palatine Rural Fire Protection District in Inverness, Illinois.

chere jewitt pastor chaplain

Faith Perspective in PTSD

As a wife, sister and daughter of the First Responder world, that "life", the dark humor, the twisted comments, the brush it off you're fine life, has always been engrained as a part of my culture. But as I watched my dad process a shooting, my brother in law process taking a life in a shooting, my husband- and the traumas he has witnessed as a fire fighter, I realized that this culture that I accepted as a norm is all but normal.

It's through my faith, and that of my family that the cost, I believe, has not taken a great toll. Working as a Chaplain for the past two years, and as a Ordained Pastor for the last four years, I have the perspective of faith that allows me to bring a different avenue of Hope and Light that is often left out of secular trauma response.

Chere Jewitt  //  East Pierce Fire & Rescue/Bonney Lake PD Chaplain

barbara crump marriage therapist

​Boundaries in the Mine Field

I grew up on Long Island NY, and moved to Texas full time after graduating college in 2001. I've been married to my husband for 15 years, I like to say that we didn't have "lots of little fights when we first got married, just one big one that lasted 7 years."

Nine years ago my husband came to me with his decision to become a Firefighter/Paramedic and soon after that I completed my transition to LPC & Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. I'll be sharing my experience and training on ways to practice healthy support to our Firefighter partners, while still taking care of ourselves.

Barbara Crump  //  Meier Clinics - Richardson TX

julie bevers life coaching for first responders

How to Be Your Firefighter's Safe Place

Julie’s mission to serve First Responders and their families needing support began years ago when she saw the need in the fire service. She combines her experience as the wife of a firefighter, Certified Life Coach and Trauma & Crisis Chaplain to serve First Responders and their families all over the country. She is affectionately known as “The Marriage Whisperer”, and her greatest joy is working with couples struggling in their relationship and potentially heading for divorce. Julie helps them heal their marriage, create their happily ever after, and equips them with tools they can apply to transform every area of their life.

Along with being a Fire Chaplain and Hospice Chaplain, she serves as the Chaplain for 10-33 Foundation (First Responders to First Responders), Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (suicide prevention and intervention, along with caring for families of first responders that have died by suicide), and Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (serving law enforcement personnel and their families, victims of crime and tragedies, and the community at large).

When she’s not working as a Coach or Chaplain, Julie loves to spend time with her friends and family. She especially enjoys dating her husband of 26 years, making her 3 adult children’s eyes roll, and giggling with her granddaughter.

Julie Bevers  //  Julie Bevers Coaching

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Val Selby  //  Owner

My goal with Wife Behind the Fire has always been to make sure that future generations of FireWives are no longer feeling alone and frustrated like so many of us have in the past.

Sharing my experience as a volunteer and career FireWife is the start of that happening. Gaining 1200+ members that gladly share their experiences dealing with situations both big & small is the community I wished for as a young FireWife. Spreading the shared knowledge globally to as many FireWives as we can reach is my ultimate goal.

Val Selby

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