Wellness means to be proactive with your health

I have some absolute basics for what this means. KISS...

  • Get off the couch. 
  • Eat the veggies.
  • Drink the water.

I believe if we keep things as simple as possible we can achieve more with our health. There are so many ways to get lost and so many new things to try.

All our bodies are different and we have different health issues to work around. 

But those 3 basics above are human necessity for everyone and yet are the things most of society wants to ignore.

I love to research and hear about new trends in health and fitness and my degree in personal training helps me figure out some of the myths from facts.

I'm not here to bore you with a giant sales page. 
I've created the FireWife Wellness Monthly group for a few reasons

  1. keep us accountable
  2. learn new exercises
  3. get new healthy recipes
  4. talk through the rough days
  5. challenge ourselves to do more


I love to help other women get healthier which is why I am keeping this membership inexpensive. 

For only $5 a month you will get:

  • Accountability through daily posts in private Facebook group
  • Monthly fitness challenge
  • Monthly health discussion with daily posts 
  • Ebook on a new topic 
  • Healthy recipes
  • Group coaching through the Facebook group
  • Support from a group of FireWives on the same health mission!

val selby firewife wellness coach

Just a little about me:

I'm Val Selby and I've been married to my firefighter for 23 years.

I got my personal training degree in 2006

I trained clients privately from 2006-2010 when I decided to focus on my teens and their sports

I taught a senior citizens fitness class from 2008-2016. I LOVED THIS. I learned so much from my fav old gals. The biggest being we can't take our bodies for granted while we are young!

I have run 5 half marathons in the last few years and I'm training for one right now

I am not a skinny minny. I battled major health issues for decades and trained for my half marathons with severe back pain. I do not eat only organic or vegan. I have digestive issues that cause me all sorts of meal planning problems.

I am just like you and we can work through anything!

If you are ready to be proactive with your health and make better choices, I'm ready to help you get it done!

Join now for only $5 a month.

Before starting any new workout or diet plan, make sure you have talked to your doctor and have approval. It’s also great to have a baseline of where you are at. Seeing your numbers improve at the doctors is an awesome feeling.