Firewife Retreat and Conference Waitlist

We've been talking about it and it's time to get serious. I need to find out how many are truly interested and able to attend a retreats, so I can find the right size house to rent. Please, also sign up to the waitlist if you are interested in a firewife conference. I...

The Stepmom Coach Black Friday Deals

A month ago I did a Facebook live with my friend Claudette - The Stepmom Coach to talk about her "Becoming A More Confident Stepmom" ecourse that was included in a bundle we were both participating in. I know many of you FireWives are stepmoms and could use the...

Fitness and Choices

You have the perfect plan in place and the house is full of healthy foods. You are READY to rock this new fitness and weight loss. You get after it. Week one is hard, but you do it. Week two? The kids have practice every day this week. There are two basketball games....

It Can Be Hard To Set Smart Goals

Did you set a big goal this New Years? You were going to get it done in 2018. How many times in the past have you set a huge goal such as to lose 50 pounds or exercise 5 days a week, only to fall off the wagon a few weeks (or usually days) later? Why did you fail? A...

Mind Over Matter!

Mind over matter!  I find myself clinging to that mantra a lot as a FireWife.  Especially with the history my firefighter husband and I endured.  The past can never truly be buried deep enough.  It always seems to nudge it's way through my thoughts as I go about my...

Things are moving along here. At a snails pace for me from a business standpoint. I’ve never built something backwards before and so this is WEIRD to the 10th degree!

I won’t go into everything from a biz standpoint which is hard not to do. You aren’t here for biz, you’re here to gab, chat and commiserate right? Maybe not, feel free to comment below and let me know why you stopped by.

football fieldIt’s Friday and Labor Day weekend, but we have a boy in high school football. This holiday weekend doesn’t mean jack. He has two-a-days today, we have an 8am “showcase” tomorrow morning, then a scrimmage at 10am (YEAH) and then practice on Monday at some time. I haven’t looked at the calendar so I don’t know the time.

Is this complaining? No, it really isn’t. The oldest is off to college in 3 weeks. We know how fast this is going to go by and we’re going to revel in it.

However, am I happy that our coach is a morning person and wants us there at 8am on a Saturday? HELL NO! I say he better have some killer coffee or I’m not sending cookies to school anymore! He’s our daughters fav teacher in the whole wide world and over the last 4 years I’ve sent a lot of food to the man. Guess I should have also gotten on the football boosters so he knows that mornings are not nice.

I’m having a happy Friday because I don’t have to worry about it. Hubby is home for 6 days (barring OT, which I know he’ll take). After so much vacation this summer, a regular set is annoying. I’m happy that as of right now, I don’t have to finagle the two-a-day practice and I don’t have to go to Saturday schtuff alone.

The issue? I have my mammogram today and I haven’t talked to him about my worries. Shh, let’s not ruin the happy Friday with that dumb talk. It’s dumb and it will be fine. Talk about causing your own issues. I’m such an idiot, which is why we aren’t going to talk about it!

I have to laugh it off. I have quite a bit of family history and it’s on both sides. BUT in the last 18 months I’ve had 3 people around me be diagnosed with breast cancer and another close friend had his last treatment for colon cancer yesterday. I’m selfishly OVER hearing the “c” word! Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m selfish! I teach a senior citizen fitness class and one of my seniors was diagnosed last October. It kicks ass that she’s back at class twice a week, only missing Fridays because she goes in for treatment at the same time. Then on Wednesday one of the gals had a call back on her mammogram. Seriously, this is why I have to laugh it off. All of this is too common now. It shouldn’t be, but it is. And I’m rambling because I’m freaking nervous. bleh.

Just another random day in my life. Truly, this is! Random thoughts, random happy, random sad. Holy crap, I’m all over the place.

Are you getting regular mammograms? Do you have a family history?

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