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The holidays are stressful, and we take care of ourselves less in December.

If you are like most women, you go into the holidays focused on what you can do for everyone in your family. Your wants and needs are put on the back burner as you try to make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVAH!

I do a lot of the same and was definitely that way when the kids were younger. By the time the holidays were over I was a wreck and not very happy.

Does that sound like your previous years?

Go here, go there, where the hell is that perfect gift? Crap, I forgot to buy rolls. Hell, why did I say I'd make HOMEMADE rolls? The list gets really long. A list we stack on ourselves.

You have that list and then tack on:

  • Firefighter being mandatoried
  • Firefighter having to cover the station because none of the other volunteers will be in town
  • What do you mean there's a 3 alarm at 7:30, we have brunch at 9!
  • OT going out that you REALLY need
  • Special teams being called out

And that list goes on full-blown-crazy whenever life is busy right?

We know we have to plan our lists as if we will not be getting assistance with any of the items on it. Which means frequently doing the work of two people, in the same 24 hours everyone gets. When do you find time to take a deep breath, let alone file your nails?

Which is why....

It's TIME to focus on YOU

After the holidays, so many create New Year's resolutions and vow to make their lives better. Then if you're lucky, you make it to the 15th and slide right back into the old habits. Not this year baby!

For one, let's start with confidence. One giant reason we end up stressed out and not taking care of ourselves is the lack of self-confidence to JUST SAY NO!

I give you permission to put yourself first and tell people NO!

January 1st, we will start a 31 day self-confidence challenge.. This way you can figure out where you are at and where you would like to be. If you are in the right spot, HIGH FIVE! This solidifies that you are indeed in a great spot and you can help encourage others to get where you are at. Firewives support firewives!

How the hell do you find time to focus on you?

I want you to make the time. I'm going to load you up with life hacks, recipes, meal planning and other ways that you can organize more and cut out time sucks that are driving you insane. Am I looking for you to schedule every minute of your day? Absolutely NOT! The opposite really. I am not a hugely structured personality and when I have zero time for myself I'm a huge, cranky ass. I don't want you to be a cranky ass, so let's get you more downtime.


Ebooks, workbooks, checklists

for life hacks, recipes, weight loss, meditation and more.

Private group coaching in a super, secret-squirrel Facebook group for ME Month members only.

Join ME Month for only $47

31 day challenge starts on January 1st

January I want you to prioritize YOUR life and fit YOURSELF in it.

It's true we are all way too busy and we have all of this stuff that HAS to get done. Damn kids want to eat like, EVERY DAY for crying out loud. Everyone keeps wanting clean clothes to wear. WTH?

Some necessities can't be pushed aside of course. Let's figure out how to streamline some tasks we can't get rid of in order to make more time for you.

Then, let's take a good hard look at everything you are doing and figure out what is not meaningful and not bringing you joy.

Time to dump those things. They are energy sucks and gotta go.

So exactly how are we going to find more time, motivation and energy? (see the list below)

  • check
    31 day Courage and Self-Confidence challenge: These two topics go hand in hand. It's time to be courageous in your life, pick something you've been wanting to achieve and boost your confidence as you rock it. 
  • check
    How to Organize Your Life: Declutter, self-care, time, money and more. Ebook, checklist and coaching prompts to put it to use.
  • check
    7 Tips to Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Life: Every one of us is crazy busy, but that doesn't mean our fitness levels should suffer. 
  • check
    Practical Meditation and Mindfulness (for normal people): ​​​​Reasons why it's helpful and how to put it in place in your daily life
  • check
    Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking: Ebooks about meal planning and freezer cooking. One month freezer cooking meal plan so you can get dinners stocked away.

You're not going to be alone!

Other FireWives will be doing the work with you

One of the biggest parts of ME Month is the group coaching. It's not just a group for chatting about what's going on. Although it's totally cool if you do! It's a group for asking questions and showing us your results. For celebrating things you dropped from the schedule and toxic relationships you kicked to the curb. For shouting from the rooftops that you took that big leap that you've wanted to for years!

val selby firewife

One of my favorite things is to remind you how important you are.  To be that push that tells you that you are not second to the fire dept nor just a wife nor just a mom. YOU are doing amazing things and have many more amazing things left to do.

I've been married to my high school sweetheart since 1994. He got into the fire service in 2000. Our kids are now grown, but I remember so many times that I let ME fall behind. 

Years of doing that and you get lost. I've been there. The fire dept will take over all life if you let it. It can be so easy to trudge on through another day because this is just how life is.

I call BS on that. When you are happy, the world around you is happy. It spreads like wildfire. 

It's - “ME Month”


No more bumbling through daily activities and being miserable

I'm loading you a lot of tools to help you find more time and focus on your wants and needs. Plus more tools to help you figure out what your needs and wants are. Then the group coaching to help you be accountable for the things you are learning and implementing.

DON'T SHUT DOWN! I promise you won't be overloaded!

You won't personally need all the ebooks and topics, but they are included in your membership to pick and choose from. While making transitions over the 31 days you may find your needs have changed and that's why this membership includes a LOT of resources.

Here is what is included in the membership:

  • 1
    Downloadable ebooks and checklists: It's not good enough to only read up on ways to make changes. I love checklists to easily see how I'm progressing in my changes. Topics include organizing your life, fitting in fitness, meal planning and meditation (4 ebooks, 2 checklists, & 1 journal value over $74)
  • 2
    2 Meal Plans: You will receive a freezer cooking plan and a more general meal plan for those of you that are not interested in freezer cooking. (value $24)
  • 3
    31 day Challenge: daily challenges are popular because they create habits. For ME Month we are going to work on your courage and self-confidence. Daily emails and a post to the group for further reading and discussion. (value $25)
  • 4
    Group Coaching: It's not enough to simply read materials and set aside checklists. Accountability creates change. Regular reminders to check in and tell us how you are progressing in a secret facebook group setting. (value $75)
how to organize your life firewife

See what Wife Behind the Fire members have to say:

"I was depressed and putting on a fake smile."

"I was still nice to everyone, but life sucked. Between a bad job and constant migraines, I knew I had to make a change or it was going to kill me. It was time to stop taking life for granted. I took the FireLife Gratitude challenge and found the little things to be thankful for. I’m looking forward to doing further work in the ME challenge. I don’t put ME first in anything.

Thanks to a mindset change with the Gratitude challenge, I have found a new job,  I am not depressed, and I am truly thankful."


Lucy Hilfers

"When I first sought out WBF, I was looking for a group that understood the challenges of being a Fire Wife."

"I was looking for a group that wasn’t constantly “I don’t know what to do with the 1-3 days at a time that he’s on duty” whine. What I found in WBF was an amazing group of ladies that many have become dear friends. I have participated in several of Val’s challenges. The most recent is the Firelife Gratitude Challenge. It has helped me focus on the positives that happen in the midst of the negatives. Can’t wait to do the ME Month focus!"

Misty Sullivan

Join ME Month now for only $47

That's over $198 in products and coaching for less than a quarter of the price!

31 day challenge starts on January 1st

But, you don't have time for ME Month...
my point exactly

Going as you are right this minute, you don't have time for yourself and you never will. You have to make the time. That is exactly what we are going to do.

How much longer are you willing to put yourself last? Will it take a major health scare? 

Let's change your focus now and skip the health worry

I don't want you to wait until a doctor tells you it's time to put yourself first. I want to help you loosen up on the worry and stress and get back to living a more fulfilling life. I think you deserve it, don't you?

Jump into over $198 in products and coaching and focus on numero uno.

Living with no regrets,

val selby

Join ME Month for only $47

31 day challenge starts on January 1st

P.S.: ME Month is through the month of February. The products will be offered separately as self-study workshops, which means no group coaching. Don't pay more later. Join us now and get the push to work on yourself.

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