Balance Your Life Scales

How out of balance are you?

We have a million things to get done just like the average wife. Unlike the average wife, we don't always have our spouse around to help take care of the giant to-do list.

If it's not shift, it might be mandatory OT or that damn pager going off like a steady alarm and you know there isn't anyone else to go on the calls.

Yes, it's the life of a firewife, but there are steps that can be taken to help balance. To keep your sanity. To improve your confidence so you can continue to rock your life.

Take a little time each day and put some work into you. Find your balance.

finding your balance firewife

Self-Study Workshop Includes:

  • Ebook filled with 10 days of challenges
  • Workbook to print and fill out as you go through the challenge days
  • Webinar replay with even more information about each days topic


Here's exactly what you will work on...

  • Day 1 Figure out your worry.
  • Day 2 Balance is about recognizing.
  • Day 3 Little things each day.
  • Day 4 Friend or foe?
  • Day 5 Be present.

  • Day 6 Set goals.
  • Day 7 Helping others.
  • Day 8 Choices and ownership.
  • Day 9 Keeping it real.
  • Day 10 Balancing is work.

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