I'll work on it, do it when...

How many times have you said that?

We only get one chance to do everything we want in this life. Are you finding yourself procrastinating?

Or maybe you haven't noticed that you aren't moving forward on goals because you are stuck in the every day rut. I know it gets difficult to look further ahead than the next morning when we are overwhelmed.

There are a lot of excuses we use to put off items on our to do list. We'll go on vacation when we have more money. We'll get new clothes when we lose weight. We'll walk more when we get healthier. And the oh so popular one...I'll do it when I have more time.

If you're like me you've used all of those when's at some time. But this workshop is going to help you work through all of those when's. Figure out action steps to get to living more and not waiting for all the things we want to happen later.

firewife working through the when's

Self-Study Workshop Includes:

  • Ebook filled with 10 days of challenges
  • Workbook to print and fill out as you go through the challenge days
  • Webinar replays with even more information about each days topic


Here's exactly what you will work on...

  • Day 1 When I'm skinny.
  • Day 2 When the house is clean/remodeled.
  • Day 3 When the kids are older/grown.
  • Day 4 When you have the perfect job.
  • Day 5 When you have more time.

  • Day 6 When we have more money.
  • Day 7 Our marriage will be happier when.
  • Day 8 When you have better answers.
  • Day 9 Get out of the rut.
  • Day 10 Get to living.

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