Firewife Retreat and Conference Waitlist

We've been talking about it and it's time to get serious. I need to find out how many are truly interested and able to attend a retreats, so I can find the right size house to rent. Please, also sign up to the waitlist if you are interested in a firewife conference. I...

The Stepmom Coach Black Friday Deals

A month ago I did a Facebook live with my friend Claudette - The Stepmom Coach to talk about her "Becoming A More Confident Stepmom" ecourse that was included in a bundle we were both participating in. I know many of you FireWives are stepmoms and could use the...

Fitness and Choices

You have the perfect plan in place and the house is full of healthy foods. You are READY to rock this new fitness and weight loss. You get after it. Week one is hard, but you do it. Week two? The kids have practice every day this week. There are two basketball games....

It Can Be Hard To Set Smart Goals

Did you set a big goal this New Years? You were going to get it done in 2018. How many times in the past have you set a huge goal such as to lose 50 pounds or exercise 5 days a week, only to fall off the wagon a few weeks (or usually days) later? Why did you fail? A...

Mind Over Matter!

Mind over matter!  I find myself clinging to that mantra a lot as a FireWife.  Especially with the history my firefighter husband and I endured.  The past can never truly be buried deep enough.  It always seems to nudge it's way through my thoughts as I go about my...

Life Can Be Extra Difficult As A Firewife

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It’s not easy being a FireWife. It’s not easy to often think our feelings should be second to the greater good or that we are selfish because we want our spouse to be home with us and not out helping people. But, I’m here to tell you we aren’t second to anything and we never should feel that way.

Take the next 30 days to prove to yourself that you deserve to be happy and find out why.

Believe me, we’re going to make our FireLife all the better for being happier.

When we are happy, we make those around us better people and happier. Don’t you want to spread the happiness around?

This is a free challenge and I hope you will work on the quick action steps for the next 30 days and let me know the changes you see happen. I respond to all emails personally.